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    Cedar preservation and restoration is all we do. Our proven process restores and rejuvenates the natural beauty of your home’s cedar, including roofing, siding and decks.

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    Cedar Roof After


  • Cedar-Life is recognized as an industry leader in cedar roof and siding preservation. Our professional foreman and crew are trained in the most innovative techniques, following safety standards and Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau guidelines, to clean and preserve your home’s cedar accents.

    When you choose Cedar-Life, you are hiring cedar experts dedicated to improving the health and beauty of your home’s cedar, leaving your roof looking newer and cleaner for many more years than cedar treated with any other product on the market. Our applications are proven to delay the return of mildew and algae, and extend the life of your roof.

    We are committed to educating our clients about the benefits of cedar preservation. We use only proven, tested and certified products, and provide personalized, long-lasting solutions for each home, leaving our customers 100% satisfied, without exception.

    “Scott Teed is recognized for his knowledge of cedar and cedar roofs, and he took the time to educate me on the Cedar-Life process and to answer my questions. I was impressed with the level of detail shown in caring for every edge and surface, including how to stand on my roof to avoid damaging the wood, how they protected the wood fibers by using the perfect angle and pressure for cleaning, and their choice of premium cleaning and treatment products that are recognized by the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau. I know I made the right choice.”

    Lou R.